Phone Information

Phone Calls for the CMA or Doctor

Please be advised that all calls for the Doctor will be returned within 48 hours based on the urgency of the call, per the Doctor. All EEG, MRI/CT, and lab results will be available after 48 hours. Chromosome test results take 12-16 weeks. Sleep Studies will be available after one week. When you are leaving a message for the nurse/Doctor please leave all pertinent information such as:

* The patient’s first and last name, with the spelling.
* The patient’s date of birth.
* The patient’s Doctor.
* A detailed message regarding any questions or concerns you may have.
* A return phone number where you may be reached.

There are email addresses, which are preferred, available for the CMA’s which allow for more detailed messages to be forwarded to the Doctor. Please allow sufficient time for a return call from the Doctor before repeat calls are initiated. We look forward to assisting you and your child.

Thank You,

Texas Child Neurology